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Whether it is a car, a home, or any other valuable, insurance seems an expensive but sensible option to protect the investment or to deal with unwanted expenses.

It is usually a headache to take out a big chunk of money from your monthly or annual income and give it to your insurance provider. However, it becomes a blessing when you get in trouble or meet an unfortunate accident.

So, we all have been there, filling forms after forms and going crazy to find a suitable (affordable) insurance policy. The Insurance Comparison websites have been like a breath of fresh air to tackle the hassle of comparing quotes. But, you still need to fill one form.

And when we talk about insurance quote forms, there are a lot of questions to answer. Some of these questions seem private while others seem like a trap to raise your premium. But, here are the five questions that you must always answer truthfully even if you feel inclined to lie.

1-    Your Age

Age plays a big role in determining the insurance premium. Some ages are considered generally safe for driving while the others are considered unsafe. It is no secret that insurance companies are stricter at young drivers and old age drivers than the middle-aged drivers.

But, they check your ID before they insure you. So, if you have lied about your age, they will know and will raise your premium at the time of purchase.

2-    Your Claim History

questions about insurance comparison

Many owners have second thoughts about telling their claim history to the new insurance company or at the time of insurance comparison. Do I need to tell about my accident? Do I need to tell about the last Christmas burglary? Yes, you should tell. The insurance companies will confirm your claim history from your previous insurer before finalizing the policy.

So, after finding the truth either you will be blacklisted or you will get a higher quote.

3-    Your No-Claim Bonus

Even though NCB is part of your claim history, it needs to be emphasized more due to people’s inclination to lie about it.

No-Claim bonus can lower your insurance premium. There is no doubt about it. But, only if these are accumulated honestly. The insurance company confirms about NCB from the previous company, and the final policy is always calculated by hardcore facts.

4-    Your Contact Details

Many people give out fake contact details on the get quote forms to avoid being bombarded with promotional messages and spamming. It makes sense.

But, you may miss out on some important information in doing so. Many times, the insurance agents contact you on the given number to inform you about the changes in policy or premium.

5-    Your Conviction History

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Conviction history is totally relevant to your insurance premium as it determines your risk level. During the insurance comparison, always state correct convictions history. If you have unspent convictions, you should tell all the details honestly.

The insurance company will find the truth about your convictions while running the background checks. Instead of that, you can use to get affordable quotes for convicted driver insurance.

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