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What Is End Of Tenancy Cleaning & Why It’s Needed In London?

An end of tenancy cleaning, otherwise known as moving out cleaning, is a thorough type of cleaning that’s done when a tenant has vacated a property, and a new one wishes to move in. Every landlord’s wish is for their property to fetch the best rates as possible. You have to ensure that the next tenant who comes scouting for property finds yours super clean and tidy. From the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, carpet and upholstery cleaning; end of tenancy cleaning offers a holistic and thorough approach to cleaning. A cleaning checklist is used to ensure that every area, every noose and cranny are thoroughly cleaned. Usually, the cost of end of tenancy cleaning depends on the size of the property as well as any additional services like carpet cleaning. Moving out of a property is always a stressful exercise; having to ensure that you leave everything clean and tidy makes an already stressful situation, more stressful. But it shouldn’t always be so, end of tenancy cleaning can be managed well so that it’s a win-win situation for the outgoing tenant, the incoming tenant, and of course, the landlord.

Why is end of tenancy important, who needs it?

End of tenancy is needed by both the landlord and the tenant. Clean and tidy properties tend to attract tenants who’re willing to pay more. Once the new tenant moves in and decides to move out after some time, another thorough cleaning will have to be done. Landlords in London are particularly strict on adhering to professional end of tenancy cleaning when moving out; your deposit is held until you’ve met the set cleaning standards. Usually, you have to get a professional cleaning company that offers end of tenancy cleaning. Among the areas that have to be cleaned thoroughly include;

  • Kitchen cupboards and work surfaces
  • Kitchen appliances like Oven, fridge/freezers
  • Cleaning off limescale from showerheads and taps
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the toilet bowl
  • Glass cleaning on the windows, decluttering the bedrooms of any junk and old toys
  • Bathroom sanitization and cleaning

It’s more than just about aesthetics;

best-end-of-tenancy-cleaning-londonThe thing with end of tenancy cleaning is that it is more than just about the aesthetics. It’s also about ensuring the smooth transition of the outgoing and incoming tenant. As the outgoing tenant, there’s no need to act like a slob by leaving the premises you occupied untidy, dirty. A good reputation is worth much, you may meet with the landlord or person you antagonized in future.  Similarly, the incoming tenant also deserves value for his money; and part of this value is in moving into a property that is already sparkling clean and welcoming. This applies not just to cleaning of the rooms, but the appliances as well.  Landlords have the responsibility and duty of ensuring a smooth transition of tenants. When signing tenant agreement, be sure to address the issue of end of tenancy cleaning very keenly so as to avoid future misunderstandings.  The best thing about end of tenancy cleaning is that there are professional cleaning companies that specialize in offering Londoners their services when needed. With such a company, you’re always assured of a thorough cleaning on the property and a nice discount.

  • Most landlords in London prefer, even insist that an end of tenant cleaning be done by a professional company. This is because they understand that only such a company can clean up the place meticulously and to professional standards.
  • Usually, a professional end of tenancy cleaning company comes in with a checklist that consists of all the areas that will be cleaned. It is this checklist that the landlord will use to check step by step that each room and appliance has been attended to.
  • When looking for a cleaning company to hire, ensure that it is professional and reputable. Professionalism means the ability to get the job done well, perfectly. Reputation means the ability to keep their word before, during, and after offering their cleaning services.
  • What do you do in instances when or where you have to vacate in a hurry and have to leave the premised clean? Or when you hardly took time to think about it, and your landlord is informing on the very last days that the tenant agreement stipulates that you do the end of tenancy cleaning? At such moments, these professional cleaning companies come in handy! Get one that offers same day service, meaning that you can contact them in the morning and in a matter of hours, they’ve dispatched their cleaning crews.
  • Once the cleaning crews are dispatched, like aforementioned, they always come up with a checklist. The cleaning may take anything from 3 to 5 hours or more depending on the areas that need to be cleaned. If the carpet and upholstery are to be cleaned, then this means more time.
  • The cost of end of tenancy cleaning will depend on a variety of factors. Landlords with multiple properties that require to be cleaned regularly or jointly always get handsome discounts and offers. Even tenants hiring such services for the first time always get nice discounts due to the stiff competition between London cleaning companies. The competition also leads to better service delivery.

When looking for a cleaning company to hire for end of tenancy cleaning, always remember the two tips mentioned; professionalism, and reputation. Once you’re a cleaning company that meets this threshold then you can rest assured that they’ll get the job done. You’ll most probably be offered a nice discount in order to woo and convince you; but that alone is not enough. It’s better to pay slightly more for a cleaning company that does a great job, than pay less and have the end of tenancy done poorly. In any case, most professional companies even offer you a 24 hour window during which you can lodge any complaints if you aren’t satisfied with services offered; the company will either repeat the entire cleaning exercise, or work on the areas you have pointed out. EOT Cleaning is a professional and reputable end of tenancy cleaning company in London. We’re the real pros, plus our rates are extremely affordable. Get in touch today and we’ll be glad to engage you.

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