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Cellular phones are an important means of communication in rural and remote areas, but their ability is often hindered by weak or poor signals in these places. In such situations, EE mobile signal boosters are able to help immensely. If you have recently purchased a signal booster, here is a manual for EE mobile signal booster setup to help you get started.

EE Signal Booster Kit

EE phone signal booster kit comes with:

  • Power supply
  • Outdoor coaxial cable
  • Outdoor antenna
  • Indoor Omni antenna
  • Cell phone repeater

Choosing an antenna

When it comes to choosing an antenna for your EE signal booster, you need to decide whether you want a directional or an Omni-directional antenna. The difference lies in the direction from which the 4G and 5G signals are moving, and the ability of the antenna to pick up signals from that direction. Omnidirectional antennas are able to intercept signals from any direction, which means that you don’t need to align your antenna in a particular direction to get reception.

A directional antenna, on the other hand, can only pick up signals from one direction. To proceed with your EE mobile signal booster setup, you first need to locate the nearest mobile mast. Then you have to align your antenna to be able to pick up that signal. Doing this successfully will require some trial and error. Although setting up a directional antenna is more complex, the antenna allows you to get the most out of the signals from one direction.

Cable Length

The external outdoor antenna of your signal booster usually comes with a cable that connects to the signal amplifier. It is advisable to go for the shortest possible cable length for your EE mobile signal booster setup. A cable that is too long will interfere with the signal strength. In most cases, a 5-meter cable is ideal.

Using Your Signal Booster

4G booster EE signal has made it easier to obtain a strong, stable, and consistent coverage for seamless streaming and watching videos online. If you encounter any issues with voice services, you can resolve them using GSM signal repeaters. There are also EE boosters designed to work with different signals. Once you have made an order, simply sit back and wait for your package.


Some level of handiness may be required during installation, but the kit usually comes with a manual for your EE mobile signal booster setup. If you experience any problems with your device, contact us at +448000698689 for assistance.

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