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To grow your business, you need a business website. Web hosting provider provides many types of hosting services. You need to select the best web hosting depending upon your needs. Shared web hosting and Virtual Private server are chosen by the business people mostly. Shared web hosting is the cheap web hosting. If you choose shared web hosting you need to share a web hosting with other business. You can select the shared web hosting if you don’t have traffic and you’re expecting to get more traffic to your website.  The disk space and bandwidth for the shared web hosting is limited and you will be charged if you excess the amount you purchased in the package. Shared hosting can be limiting your e-commerce site but it is the best way to get traffic to your website.

Shared web hosting can be preferred by the new business to gain traffic and after gaining traffic you can choose the different web hosting service which suits you. You need to select the best hosting service provider who provides you 24/7 customer support. If your website takes time to load user will not be waiting for website to load. This makes your business down and it’s an added advantage for your competitor. Make sure they provide you the C panel and through CPanel you get the control of your website. Before your choosing a web hosting service provider you need to check their uptime and the uptime should be 100% if not at least it is 99.9%.

Virtual Private Server is similar to dedicated server, it has operating system, dedicated storage, dedicated RAM and costs less than the dedicated hosting service. Virtual Private Server shares the same server but they are away from each other and if you have a bad user shares the same physical server, they will not have impact on your VPS service. In VPS your data is secure and away from other customers. VPS user has their own individual server resource to use. When compared to Shared Web hosting VPS is safer for your online business. But if you’re starting a new business and your business needs traffic then Shared Web hosting is the best. If you need a private server and don’t need to pay a lot you can choose Virtual Private Server. To make all these things done you need to select the best Web Hosting Service Provider.

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