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Imagine a piece of furniture that’s both beautiful and functional, but also sculptural and advanced in its design. A piece that takes centre stage, almost eliminating the need for additional pieces. A piece that’s so striking you can’t help but be drawn to it, to touch it and take a seat. The Skorpio Table by Cattelan Italia is that piece – sculptural, functional, stunning.

Available in five unique designs, the Skorpio Table makes finding that unique statement piece for your dining room or dining area simple. Made from premium materials with great attention to detail, this quality piece is a real show stopper and is always the centre of attention.

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  1. Skorpio Keramic Round Fixed Table

skorpio-keramik-fixed-table-by-cattelan-italiaIn a sociable round design, the  Skorpio Keramic Round Fixed Table features the iconic Skorpio structural and sculptural base. Designed by Andrea Lucatello, the table base is made from solid and premium titanium, while the top is made from durable and luxurious ceramic.

This table is perfect for open plan kitchen-diners as it creates a real wow factor and a social space. Pared back style is best when it comes to the Skorpio Keramic Round Fixed Table. Compliment the table by investing in a kitchen also made from premium materials with a contemporary feel.

  1. Skorpio Round Ker-Wood Fixed Table

The warmer update on the Keramic Round Table, the Skorpio Round Ker-Wood Fixed Table uses natural materials against a titanium base to create a beautiful contrast. Understated yet striking, the stunning materials used really sing out, capturing your attention as soon as you walk in the room.

The titanium base is available in a variety of finishes, including white, black, graphite, embossed lacquered steel or brushed bronze. The solid wood top can be made in burned oak or Canaletto walnut, and the beautiful ceramic centre can be made in a variety of different finishes to suit your interior. This unique combination of solid wood, ceramic and titanium makes for a truly pleasurable design, that’s simple yet striking – perfect for contemporary homes.

  1. Skorpio Wood Fixed Table

Combining rustic and industrial elements makes for a truly beautiful design. The Skorpio Wood Fixed Table could easily be mistaken for a piece from an art gallery, as it’s sculptural base takes centre stage. The titanium base is beautifully complemented by the solid wood top, which can be made with irregular edges to give it an authentic and natural appeal.

Perfectly striking the balance between contemporary and timeless design, the elements of the table can be customised to create a unique style specific to your interiors. This statement piece looks stunning in both more formal dining rooms, as well as casual dining spaces such as open plan kitchens.

  1. Skorpio Round Fixed Table

Another stunning round design, the Skorpio collection offers so much versatility when it comes to unique elements, while still maintaining that strong and sculptural look. Available with a glass top, this is the perfect option to create a light and airy appeal to your home.

With the same striking base, the Skorpio Round Fixed Table is a modern expression of the classic round table, making for the perfect 21st century update. The unusual combination of metal and glass makes for a truly unique piece that will become a real showstopper in the home.

  1. Skorpio Ceramic Fixed Table

Sleek, smooth and stylish, the Skorpio Ceramic Fixed Table is a chunky piece that will stand strong and proud in the home. As a bold design statement, keep the rest of your interior simple and let this table take centre stage.

The sculptural titanium base is available in three unique finishes of brushed bronze, graphite embossed and titanium embossed, while the top comes in three ceramic finishes ranging from light to dark. This contemporary piece will add drama to your dining space, and will be a talking point among all of your dinner guests.

Cattelan Italia are a truly inspirational brand, and the Skorpio table collection lives up to their impressive reputation. Sleek, sophisticated and unique, while perfectly balancing quality materials with contemporary design, the Skorpio tables are real statement pieces that will add that all important wow factor.

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