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During this modern age, everybody wants to perform different activities in the desired manner. Customization has become a basic necessity of today’s digital world. Everybody tried and tended to do whatever he wants to do in their style and way. In this modern age, some people want to use applications in their way. But How it’s possible for anyone to use such applications and games in their way.

In this modern era of the internet, there is nothing impossible for internet users. Lucky patcher media fire is there to give you the freedom to live like own created customized world. You can easily customize the games, application in your way. That was the number one reason to use the Lucky patcher apk hacking app. You can do customization like

  • You can extract desired apk files.
  • You can get proper backups of your valuable files.
  • You can do customizations in the desired games and applications.
  • You can unlock the other paid games, applications and their features.
  • You can remove unnecessary google and system applications, tools and games.

System requirements to run the lucky patcher

Simply, a rooted device is required to use the number one hacking application lucky patcher. You can easily root your device by different rooting tools or applications. It will make the whole thing very easy and smooth for usage.

Steps involved in installing and using lucky patcher

Here are some easy steps that are followed to install and use the lucky patcher number one hacking tool.

  • First of all, download and install the number one hacking application lucky patcher.
  • After installation of the lucky patcher, you will be presented by a list having all of applications and games installed on your device.
  • Within this list, you found action icons for what to do with a particular application or game.
  • Moreover, you will find a color code that ensures you about the specific action according to combability applications and games in your device.

These codings contain six colors of particular actions like

Sr Color Action
01 Yellow Availability of specific patch
02 Green Registration & disconnection from the Google play can be done
03 Blue An indication of Google ads
04 Orange App of system
05 Purple App for startup of the system
06 Red No modifications can be done


In this way, you can perform any change, modifications action as required.

Today’s mobile users always get annoyed with unwanted advertisements on applications while watching videos and playing games. Lucky Patcher is smarter enough tool which will help the user to block those unwanted advertisements, modify their permissions, and create the backup of your valuable data and much more. It provides you real control on the system application’s permissions.

For any system or preinstalled android or IOS application. It is a powerful hacking tool for removing unwanted advertisements and modify the license verification from desired applications and games.

It is not only used for cracking or patching purposes.You can also avail verity offers like modify, block, allow permissions, hack and customize the applications and games. It will help you to get your desired results. Lucky patcher analyzes the whole list of applications and games that are installed on your device and perform relevant actions that you want to use with these modifications and customization.


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