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how to keep flies away from kitchen

Flies are the major issues in most of the places. They carry diseases along with them. The flies vary in nature and kinds like house flies, fruit flies, black flies, whiteflies it creates heath and mental disturbance to the house owners. So the necessary control steps should be taken soon to get rid of these flies. Here we provide steps to control such house flies.

Flies make a headache problem in your home by making some sound and also by spoil the foods and also by spreading some viral diseases.

Before to know about getting rid of flies, first you have to understand the life cycle of flies, this is also the kind of control measures.

  1. Adult flies lay eggs
  2. The egg develops into larvae
  3. The larvae then develop into Pupa
  4. The final stage is again adult flies from a pupa

Once you effectively break this cycle, you can easily get rid of flies without suffering. Here are some effective remedies to break the life cycle and the presence of the common flies.

Control Measures

Method  1: Take a glass water bottle and pour some wine and vinegar together to fill half of the bottle and place it in the open place or near to the flies region. Flies easily drown into the bottle and getting out is difficult.

Method 2: Take a wide bowl and pour apple cider vinegar and wine into a bowl. Cover the bowl with the plastic tape. And make a small hole on the plastic. The vinegar smells easily carbs the flies in the bowl and unable to fly out.

Method 3: Mix a few drops of dishwashing soap and apple cider vinegar in a bowl or vessel and place it on the countertop. This solution easily drowns the flies into the bowl.

Method 4: Mix a small amount of chalk powder with warm water and place it in the place of troubleshooting. The flies will not be moved outside the container.

how to keep flies away

Method 5 Make a cone with a normal paper. Dip the paper in the solution of vinegar and place the cone in the flies region. The flies get fit in the cone.

Method 6 Take some natural leaves from your garden and apply some oils like neam oil or, lemongrass oil to the leaves and place the leave along all the side of your home. the flies got the stick into the oils

Method 7 mostly the flies lays eggs on the wooden stem and to the backside of leaves. Spray some vinegar on those leaves to get rid of flies from the growth.

Ingredients that help to get rid of Common Flies

Milk, Sugar, and Pepper Trap Recipe, White vinegar


  • Pour one cup of milk in the bowl
  • Add one tablespoon sugar to the milk
  • Add one tablespoon ground black pepper
  • Heat the Bowl for 5-10 minutes in the simmer
  • Keep the bowl on the flies areas to get rid of them

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