Renew-E111There is a difference between having a EHIC card, and having a valid EHIC card. Each year, hundreds of UK nationals traveling across the EU find themselves greatly inconvenienced, when their European Health Insurance Cards get rejected. In most cases, an invalid EHIC card is one that has expired, and isn’t renewed yet. For an ordinary person going for holiday or business within the UK, this may appear like a big deal, and one may break some sweat while at it. But the good news is that today, you can renew your European health insurance card via a third party, including when you are already outside the UK. The next time you plan to travel to the EU, you better take a moment to think of these facts;

  1. Medical emergencies are unpredictable; the good thing about having EHIC card is that it enables you to access healthcare in case the need to arises. It could be that something unforeseen has come up, or something predictable has come up; either way, the card is a nice way to cushion you from incurring extra healthcare costs while outside the UK. However, note that you cannot use the card if you are traveling abroad specifically for medical treatment. Still, you can’t use the car for non essential medical procedures like plastic surgeries, liposuction, etc.
  2. It’s the rule, rather than the exception; all the 32 nations of the European Economic Area, and Switzerland have ratified the use of EHIC for their member citizens and should get teh old E111 replaced with a EHIC card. It thus won’t cost you anything to apply for this card, and have it with you each time you’re traveling within the EU. Most UK citizens wrongly assume that a health insurance alone is sufficient to cover all eventualities while on the go. But while this is partly true, there are instances where hospitals and other health facilities don’t like dealing with insurance companies. They would rather have a UK citizen produce a European health insurance card than connect them to the ever bureaucratic insurance companies.
  3. The application process if fast; today, you can make use of websites that specialize in helping UK citizens apply for, or renew E111 and get their EHIC cards. Their services are fast, affordable, and will go a long way in helping your travel within the EU smooth. These websites go the extra mile of even reminding you in advance in case your card is about to expire. Mind you, it is recommendable to renew your card 6 months prior to its expiry. You can read it all and even fasten the application process from a website
  4. Brexit will take longer to implement; before the UK and the EU really thrash out the tricky divorce ahead, citizens are still going to use EHIC card. You have nothing to lose by ensuring that you have this card, because you may find yourself having to travel to an EU country on short notice. Having the card ready at all times is much better than rushing at the last minute trying to apply for one.

Get in touch today with a reputable website agency to help you apply for EHIC here in the UK. It’s a wise decision than you’ll never regret.

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September 4th, 2016

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