Any music expert, or basically anyone with a musical ear will tell you that a badly tuned piano is an ear sore, and can be an embarrassment. With the chords sounding as if they are yawning, producing awkward, uncoordinated keys, there is little you can do on the piano. However, with a good tuner this problem can be remedied. A professional tuner has the experience and technical knowhow to tune all keys, and leave your instrument sounding as good as new!

  • Open; a professional piano tuner will be open with you, and will share with you tips to help you maintain your piano in top condition even after he or she is done tuning. These tips will guide and help you take better care of your instrument once it has been tuned.
  • Professionalism; If you have a gig or event you’ll be playing the piano, you need your instrument perfectly tuned, and with all notes sounding exactly as they ought to. Only a professional piano tuner can help you achieve this. In most cases, these tuners are musicians themselves, and they clearly understand on the need to have a perfectly tuned instrument.
  • Free advice; every moment spent with a professional piano tuner is a chance to learn something new, for these guys have a wealth of information in them.
  • Extra repairs. Another good thing of having a professional london piano tuner tune your instrument is that they are trained on pointing out any other unforeseen problems you may not have noticed. For instance, you may assume that only one chord needs tuning, but upon checking it, the professional may recommend that you tune several chords, in order to achieve the right music.
  • Technical tips; while the professional is busy tuning your piano, there are some tips you’re bound to learn. These may include how to press specific piano keys in order to establish if they are sounding normal and right. With time, you may find yourself even fixing some minor problems on your piano.
  • Connections; music is a fraternity; it is a community of music lovers. Professional piano tuners may link you up with other piano players within your areas who have perhaps sought their services. They may also recommend a band that needs a piano player, or recommend places you can join other players and practice together.

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March 8th, 2016

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