Just some years ago, all pieces of arts and great paintings had been done by some of the most famous artists; but today, something unimaginable has changed that. Arts and paintings made of Artificial intelligence are taking over, and with impressive style. Commonly known as robotic brains, computers are becoming increasingly good at imitating the human mind, and thus coming up with awesome pieces of art. So good are these computer programs that they can identify the texture, color, shape, and all other crucial dimensions and details of a piece of art, then use it to generate a new, similar, or totally different artwork out of that.

AI-ArtGoogle, the search engine giant has been at the forefront of advancing this concept of AI made arts; their pioneer program of Google deep dream is an example of an open source system that helps individuals create art works like paintings and other images via computer software. The software acts like the human central nervous system, it uses images of animals to generate creative and captivating images; for instance, users are able to generate images of a pig snail, a dog fish, Carmel bird, and so on so forth. The whole process is fun, not to mention that images created are captivating and beautiful.


April 5th, 2016

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