We all love a good prank, especially on a deserving friend or a family member! So what are some good pranks to use with food? The video below covers this quite well.

One thing to keep in mind is to not waste food in the process – it’s bad for the environment and there are still people starving in the world.


July 26th, 2016

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BonaldoFurniture is critical to the interior outlook of your home or office. Your choice of furniture also determines your comfort when using any room in your house. Furniture designs keep changing from time to time. Furniture dealers have different designs to meet all their clients’ needs. Even with a limited budget and space, you can find amazing furniture designs that will change the outlook of your home. An interior designer can help you choose the best furniture designs in the market within your budget.

Bonaldo furniture designs are some of the best designs in the market for the following reasons:

  • The company has been in business for many years and has perfected their furniture designs. Customers are assured of quality furniture in modern designs.
  • They are modern and unique furniture designs for all living spaces including the kitchen, lounge and bedrooms.
  • Bonaldo furniture covers all types of furniture that you may require in your home including tables, chairs, beds, and sofas among others.
  • The company considers international market needs when designing their furniture. Homeowners in London can find bonaldo furniture designs that meet their preferences and taste.
  • Bonaldo has hired the best designers that follow market trends and introduce new designs in the market.

Bonaldo furniture collections are available in most furniture shops in London. A quick search on the internet will give results of dealers that stock these furniture designs. Reliable furniture dealers in London have online shops and catalogues that display their Bonaldo furniture collection and their prices.

See some ideas about the best corner wardrobes


If you are looking for furniture for any of the rooms in your house, Bonaldo furniture designs are an excellent choice. You will find unique and modern designs for all items. Bonaldo has been in the industry for many years and has perfected their furniture designs to suit all customer needs. Bonaldo furniture collections are available in most furniture shops in London.

July 3rd, 2016

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Hollywood special effects secrets

Ever wondered how studios transform stars into aliens, old people or even give them completely different features. Here’s how they do it, with highly trained make up special effects professionals in this interesting video

A lot of intricate work goes into this, and the end result is amazing and well worth all those hours waiting.

June 22nd, 2016

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Is the Hype Surrounding The Technology Scene in Africa Justified?
africa-startupsThe growth of the start-up scene in Africa has actually been so vigorous that there are concerns that the actual worth generated by such startups might not come up to the quickly increasing buzz, thus making it unsustainable. To be particular, there is a bunch of hype. VC4Africa, a community of early stage financiers as well as start-ups, credit reports that financial investments made through their channel doubled in 2014, increasing from merely $12 million in 2013 to virtually $27 million in 2014. Those financial investments seem well worth it, as the community of investors additionally reports that virtually half of all ventures begin generating revenue throughout their very first year. Bertrams Lukstins argues it’s a good opportunity with many challenges on the ground.

It is not merely residential angel financiers who want the start-up tech scene in Africa. A raising number of foreign capitalists are also turning their attention toward the breakneck speed at which technology is erupting in Africa. NewGenAngels, based in London, is simply one of the early-stage funds and angel networks functioning to make certain that start-ups in Africa have the funding needed to sustain their development.

May 21st, 2016

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Just some years ago, all pieces of arts and great paintings had been done by some of the most famous artists; but today, something unimaginable has changed that. Arts and paintings made of Artificial intelligence are taking over, and with impressive style. Commonly known as robotic brains, computers are becoming increasingly good at imitating the human mind, and thus coming up with awesome pieces of art. So good are these computer programs that they can identify the texture, color, shape, and all other crucial dimensions and details of a piece of art, then use it to generate a new, similar, or totally different artwork out of that.

AI-ArtGoogle, the search engine giant has been at the forefront of advancing this concept of AI made arts; their pioneer program of Google deep dream is an example of an open source system that helps individuals create art works like paintings and other images via computer software. The software acts like the human central nervous system, it uses images of animals to generate creative and captivating images; for instance, users are able to generate images of a pig snail, a dog fish, Carmel bird, and so on so forth. The whole process is fun, not to mention that images created are captivating and beautiful.


April 5th, 2016

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Any music expert, or basically anyone with a musical ear will tell you that a badly tuned piano is an ear sore, and can be an embarrassment. With the chords sounding as if they are yawning, producing awkward, uncoordinated keys, there is little you can do on the piano. However, with a good tuner this problem can be remedied. A professional tuner has the experience and technical knowhow to tune all keys, and leave your instrument sounding as good as new!

  • Open; a professional piano tuner will be open with you, and will share with you tips to help you maintain your piano in top condition even after he or she is done tuning. These tips will guide and help you take better care of your instrument once it has been tuned.
  • Professionalism; If you have a gig or event you’ll be playing the piano, you need your instrument perfectly tuned, and with all notes sounding exactly as they ought to. Only a professional piano tuner can help you achieve this. In most cases, these tuners are musicians themselves, and they clearly understand on the need to have a perfectly tuned instrument.
  • Free advice; every moment spent with a professional piano tuner is a chance to learn something new, for these guys have a wealth of information in them.
  • Extra repairs. Another good thing of having a professional london piano tuner tune your instrument is that they are trained on pointing out any other unforeseen problems you may not have noticed. For instance, you may assume that only one chord needs tuning, but upon checking it, the professional may recommend that you tune several chords, in order to achieve the right music.
  • Technical tips; while the professional is busy tuning your piano, there are some tips you’re bound to learn. These may include how to press specific piano keys in order to establish if they are sounding normal and right. With time, you may find yourself even fixing some minor problems on your piano.
  • Connections; music is a fraternity; it is a community of music lovers. Professional piano tuners may link you up with other piano players within your areas who have perhaps sought their services. They may also recommend a band that needs a piano player, or recommend places you can join other players and practice together.

See the Piano Tuner on Facebook

March 8th, 2016

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Of the many cities we have on this world, very few can compare to London. This is especially so when you consider the fact that it has the best to offer when it comes to the field of SEO consulting. There are very many factors that influence this and they include;

  • Affordability

You can get very quality services for your SEO project in London for a very affordable price. There is a lot of competition in the industry and therefore the prices offered by various consultants will vary but are on the lower scale.

  • Experienced personnelSEO-Consultancy

Research has also showed that most of the seo consultant london operatives working within London have at least five years of experience. Without which they otherwise would not succeed in the heavily competitive market. This ensures that you get someone qualified enough to handle your projects.

  • Professionalism

In this industry there is a high level of professionalism in London. The experts do all the work for you. All that they require from you are directions on what exactly you need and they work tirelessly to deliver it to you. They are well trained for the tasks that you offer them and therefore they are best placed to perform them to perfection.

  • Time conscious

The London industry is also very conscious of time. It helps clients to save up on time that they use doing other money generating projects while the experts take care of all matters SEO. When you let the consultants do it they are able to finish projects on time because they are well equipped to do so both technically and theoretically.


It would be worth your time and money to invest in a . Their prime objective is to ensure that you get the best out of the deal.


Take time and review your options and you will find it worthy to hire a consultant. For more enquiries logon to https://www.onlinemarketinghq.co.uk/about-us/.

February 26th, 2016

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Nowadays, everything has gone digital. From music production, to even creating and drawing drawing-softwareimages, everything has been greatly digitized. As such, many types of software have been invented and created to help create the best images and photos. In other words, you don’t need to have a pencil or a piece of paper; you can create an image from your computer, polish and paint it, till it becomes a masterpiece, often better than anything you would have created manually. Below is a guide on the best and more popular software for digital drawing.

Go animate

This software is one of the most popular, it has over 5 million users! Its popularity comes from its ease of use; you just need to sign in to the site, and then get access to amazing features to help you create your digital images. It has great tools for an artist to make the whole drawing experience more enjoyable and exciting.

Poser Pro 2014

For any artist looking for a 3D animation that produces 3D characters, then this software is the best. It has great features for enhancing the tone, texture, colors, light tones, etc, on the image you’re working on.


This is another amazing software for digital artists, and it is 100% free.

SketchBook Pro

This software has easy to use tools, like a highly flexible brush to paint around, and a stroke tool that’s very steady.

FL Studio 11

This software is also free, and it keeps updating their software into the latest versions. It’s also easy to use and very ideal for beginners who are still learning the ropes of this game.


There are numerous software for digital artists, and the best thing would be to speak to an expert on the latest and best one to go for. New ones keep getting injected into the market, with better user features.

February 24th, 2016

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Magicians are the best dose of entertainment in this world. You got a Wedding ? Someone’s Birthday party? Office Corporate Party ? Well hire a magician for all the fun and laughter. Tricks are not easy to perform by normal people so we get really amazed when a magician london does a trick.

The tricks I have seen of some magicians at childhood were something like impossible to me and used to treat these magicians as GODS. Something that is trending nowadays is Street Magic, like a street magicians go to the street and performs magic in-front of strangers and most probably they record their reactions. Some magicians having Youtube Channels also reveal their tricks so that we follow and amaze our own friends.

Some of the best videos I have seen on youtube is this one embedded below.

The most amazing Magician In London

Hiring a magician in London can be a difficult task so a proper research needs to be done. You can also look for magicians in facebook if they excite you. Go for the man who has plenty of experience in this profession because you don’t want someone who gets his magic trick screwed in front of so many people.



February 23rd, 2016

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When you take a look at attractive digital art as well as compare it with the things you attract with a pencil, you can feel astonished as well as belittled. So you might pay for a graphics tablet, you could be just as friendly! And if you currently have a tablet computer, your thought is, “If only I could possibly pay for Photoshop! Many amazing things can be done with this software.” And also if you’ve got both a respectable tablet and also good software application, you’re fantasizing concerning the godlike Wacom Cintiq– the larger, the better. Yet, up until then, you’re stuck. You can not be any a lot better. And also it’s not your mistake, it’s all about cash!

This is probably why there’s a false impression that digital art isn’t real fine art. Nevertheless, a genuine artist should find out all these difficult points, master pencils, brushes, color mixing, various kinds of pigment, and they cannot merely undo a mistake! And when they complete, their art is among a kind, it exists literally, it’s not merely a range of digits that you can duplicate considerably. At the same time, an electronic “musician” gets some costly equipment and that’s all– they could currently produce outstanding art. That’s unfaithful, isn’t it?

Computer artIf that’s your point of view, continue reading. If you’ve never ever attempted electronic fine art, you’ll discover exactly what it has to do with. If you have, but you’re poor at it, I’ll inform you why. In both instances I’ll make clear the misconceptions that may have been bothering you for a very long time.

Forming, Attracting, Painting, Digital Art

There are bunches of techniques of creating the real life in some tiny kind. You can take a soft mass and mold it. You can take something tougher as well as form it. You can make thin rows in sand to stand for the describes of something. You can take a sheet of white paper as well as produce spots with a small bit of charcoal. You can make balls of color to mimic patches of light and shadow. The weird point is that we don’t have a word for all these tasks. It’s not really “creating”– we do not develop a thing, we develop an image of it. In the end, we have the tendency to call it sculpting (for created types) as well as drawing (for forms on paper). People much more familiar with fine art add one more category to it, paint, to distinguish it from line-based jobs.

Not so long ago one more classification appeared– digital art. The computer system has turned out to be an effective tool for an artist. It supplies a clean work area, with the freedom to make blunders. It’s so powerful that standard artists have actually started to check out it as some type of unjust extension. One pen rather than a bunch of pencils with different softness, all the brushes that need to be washed regularly, charcoal, ink as well as whatever you ‘d like to make use of? One machine for each dimension, form and also material of canvas, for each color as well as means of mixing? Everything neatly put on your workdesk, with the alternative to save for later on? A dream tool for careless individuals!

Computer systems are additionally popular for their feature of automating boring and also lengthy processes. For example, you provide it 10 huge numbers to multiply, and also obtain an outcome without any initiative on your side. In the same way you could produce a brush (one not similar to anything traditional) of a tree, as well as develop a whole woodland with simple clicks. Click, click, click– as well as there you are, every tree completely specificed. All in an issue of secs. Wish to create a gradient for the sky? No worry– select white as well as blue, and also it merely develops itself. Did the character end up being too tiny? Don’t worry, merely range it. Or make use of an unique deform tool to change its form without having to attract it once more. Every little thing without affecting the background– we have actually got levels, after all. It’s also very easy. Too very easy to be called art.

February 22nd, 2016

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